Monday, December 12, 2005

Review: THE FLESH REMEMBERS by Richard Wright

Dexter Lomax knows his job for “The International Inquisitor” is not necessarily to report the facts, but to report a sensational story. And the series of strangely perfect craters popping up around England certainly seems sensational. Add to that a dumping of 30 skinless bodies, a video showing another world of gigantic proportions where no sound travels, and the fact that the video itself isn’t made out of magnetic tape, and Lomax may end up wishing he’d never started this journalistic investigation.

Richard Wright’s “The Flesh Remembers” is unapologetically Lovecraftian in nature. You’ve got the lone researcher (Lomax), the mysterious tome (a video tape), cultish groups pursuing the hero (two of them), along with god-like, tentacled beasts from beyond. While it’s been done over and over Wright makes it feel fresh and pumps out a darn good tale. He’s added enough new elements to make it unique while holding onto enough of the old elements that fans won’t be disappointed. The writing is fast, the descriptions are great, and I actually found myself getting creeped out a few times.

I’ve only got a couple of minor quibbles. First, Lomax is said to be from New York but he uses English slang and phrasing very often. Second, some of the formatting is weird (like using single quotes around dialog). Neither of these are huge, but they were enough to pull me out of the story a few times. And when a tale has the momentum that this one does, you don’t want anything pulling you out of the story.

If you’re a fan of good, old fashioned, creepy Lovecraftian horror (with just a tad of X-Files style sci-fi) you can’t go wrong with “The Flesh Remembers”--especially since the author is giving it away free at I’m greatly looking forward to the sequel!

Rating: 4 Stars

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